Current Needs

We always need basic food supplies i.e. rice, beans, sugar, maize, cooking oil and wheat flour. You could make a donation towards food or go to the market to make the purchases if you have the time while in Boma/Moshi.


Education: English – English Dictionaries / Abacus / School bags / Short story books (English) / Pens / Pencil sharpeners and erasers / Crayons and colouring pencils / White board cleaning spray / White board markers (thick, NOT fine point) / Large size cards of pictures for language learning / Poster board or large size construction paper (any colours) / School shoes / School uniforms.


Office Supplies: Projectors (new) / Glossy “art” paper for colour printing / Manila file folders size A4 / Spiral note books – A4 & A5 size / Manila card A4 size / Office glue – 160gms / New printer and printer cartridges / Photocopy machine and toner cartridge / Envelopes / A4 copier.


Arts/Games: Football / Soccer shoes (new or used kids' sizes 1-9) / Playing cards / Lego / Building blocks / Small bikes / Tricycles / Scooters (strong, well-built metal construction) / Footballs / Soccer balls / Pumps and soccer goals nets / Goalkeeper gloves / Basketballs and basketball nets / Rolls of newsprint (free of ink) for making posters, etc. / Acrylic paint (especially primary colours, red, blue & yellow) as well as as black and white / Volleyballs / Long tennis nets and tennis balls / Skipping ropes / Puzzle games / Educational board games / Drawing papers.


Medical Supplies: Nail clippers (Multiple) / Electric hair clippers (UK plug) / Surgical / Scissors / Rolls of surgical gauze, 6'' wide / Plaster roll / Examination gloves - size large / Non-toothed forceps / Dissecting forceps / 5 gall pot / 5 toothed forceps.


Medicine: Pain relief gel, spray or cream e.g. Voltarol, Dicloenac, Unguentine / Cough syrup / Calamine lotion / Hydrocortisone cream / Deworming medicine / Paraffin cotton gauze / Translipo-C / Broad spectrum antifungal / Gentamicin, eye and ear drops 20ml / Povidone iodione solution / Antiseptic liquid e.g. Salvon or Dettol / Antiseptic cream for burns, cuts & wounds / Multivitamin tablets / Multivitamin syrup / Vaseline.


Miscellaneous: We are always in need of clothing and footwear from ages of 1 year to 16 years for both boys and girls.


N.B. All medication purchased for the children’s home must have a clear expiration date printed on it.


Thank You!!