Our History

Tír na nÓg  (Kao La Amani)  was founded in April 2007 by Louise Quill, a native of Tralee, Co. Kerry.  Tír na nÓg Orphanage is a non-profit making organisation.     

In the Irish language,  Tír na nÓg means ‘Land of the Young’. Louise chose this name for the project as during her first visit to Tanzania she remarked on the overwhelming numbers of children and young people that made up both the urban and rural population. Whilst travelling through the country Louise noticed large numbers of small children walking the streets, playing, running errands and herding cattle unsupervised.  Children are among the most vulnerable in society and Tanzania like so many other countries has its fair share of social problems.  Large numbers of children have been orphaned due to illnesses such as malaria and HIV, while others have been abandoned or placed in care due to the inability of their families to take care of them long term.

Since its inception in 2007, Louise has established a team of committed members who work tirelessly to accomplish short term goals such as paying electricity and water bills, building maintenance, medical care and the other monthly financial needs of the children’s home and primary school. For long term needs, this same team fundraises throughout the year to help pay for the children’s ever increasing secondary school fees and the construction of a new primary school, school kitchen and administration block.

Pastor Cletus Tukai and wife Mama Monika Tukai are the main carers of the children in the home. We employ various other Tanzanian staff members to look after the other aspects of the project. These include cooks, cleaners, laundry workers, a baby minders for children under the age of two, four kindergarten teachers, a security guard, a school gardener, a school caretaker, a principal, a head teacher, and seven primary school teachers. We also employ Tanzanian builders, labourers, electricians, painters and plumbers during our building and maintenance projects.  


The children that live with us have been brought to Kao La Amani( Tír na nÓg) for various reasons. Each child in our care has a difficult and sad story attached to them. Some of our children have been victims of abuse and neglect, with many being abandoned at a very young age. Other children have lost one or both of their parents due to illnesses such as malaria and HIV. Every child’s story is different but equally sad.

When placed in our care we try our best to provide the children with the emotional support that they need.  We try to provide a safe environment for them to grow up in where they can feel loved and grow in confidence.   

Another aim of this project is to demonstrate a more positive side to life in Tanzania. Like many other countries, Tanzania has many social problems which are undeniable. However, we refuse to reduce an entire country to images of people reaching out for food or children with swollen stomachs and flies in their eyes. We at Tír na nÓg feel that this leaves Tanzanian people with little or no dignity. Instead, through our website we wish to show you how educating and caring for these children will result in creating the leaders of tomorrow.